Airplane sightseeing

Experience the world from above! Immerse yourself in a breathtaking flight experience with our sightseeing flights. Hover over majestic landscapes, admire impressive sights and feel the freedom of the skies. Enjoy unforgettable moments and discover your city or region from a completely new perspective. Book now and take off!

2 Experiences available

Salzkammergut sightseeing flight

Price: € 110,00

30 Minuten


Salzkammergut (Gmunden)


Experience an unforgettable flight experience from Gmunden, the gateway to the Salzkammergut! Shortly after takeoff you will be enchanted by the sight of the picturesque Traunsee and its impressive mountain scenery. As you ascend, the spectacular panorama of the Höllengebirge and the Totes Gebirge r...

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Sightseeing flight in the Kalkalpen region

Price: € 184,00

1 Stunde


Kalkalpen (Hofkirchen oder Waldneukirchen)


Experience an unforgettable adventure and create your own route on our sightseeing flight! The surrounding landscape offers a wonderful view that will leave you speechless. Fly along the picturesque Enntal valley and enjoy the breathless panorama of the endless beech forest in the Kalkalpen. Continu...

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