Experience vouchers and value vouchers in Upper Austria
Voucher types, handling and validity

What types of vouchers are there and what is the difference? At Upper Austria Adventures you can buy two types of vouchers: the adventure voucher and the value voucher. With the adventure voucher, you choose your adventure in advance. With the value voucher, everything is still open and you can choose from the entire offer.

Can I still exchange adventure vouchers? As long as the adventure voucher has not yet been activated, it can be exchanged for a value voucher. This means you can choose from all the experiences again!

What happens if the amount of my voucher does not match the value of the selected adventure? If the value of the voucher is higher than the value of the adventure, you will receive the difference as remaining credit. If the value of the voucher is lower than the value of the selected adventure, you can pay the difference.

Where can I buy vouchers? You can order vouchers online, by e-mail or by telephone.

How do I redeem my voucher?
Activate your adventure voucher at www.ooe-adventures.at/de/gutscheine - simply follow the steps in the online form
2. After activation, you will receive the organizer's contact details
3. Make an appointment - off you go!

How long are the vouchers valid for? The voucher can be redeemed within 3 years of the date of issue. After this period, the voucher can be extended once for a further year for a processing fee of € 20.00.

Do you still have questions? We are happy to be there for you personally!