Driving offroad

Experience the exciting side of driving! Off-road driving is a true adventure, far away from the usual roads. Our specially equipped vehicles allow you to easily overcome obstacles such as mud, rocks and rivers. Join our enthusiastic community and enjoy the untouched beauty of nature. Off-roading promises unforgettable experiences and thrills for those who seek freedom in nature. Get ready to explore the world off the beaten path!

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Mercedes Puch G offroad driving

Price: € 189,00

1 Stunde


Wartberg an der Krems


In this off-road challenge, tuned turbo diesel prototypes and V8 engines with up to 300 hp will take you into a selective off-road terrain. And one thing is certain: the Mercedes Puch G Prototype will not give you a second to catch your breath. You will have to maneuver this off-road giant over mud ...

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